Our firm, Köszalon Kft., deals with trading natural stones, stone coverings and wall coverings, but we are also in for manufacturing and installing wall coverings made from natural stones and designed by us. We have a responsible philosophical approach to the world, which has only been deepened by the changes and their visible consequences in our environment in the past 50 to 100 years.


We have to change our habits and set of values which have led to the ruthless exploitation of nature and to the present state of our environment as a consequence. We have to accept that it is necessary to change our consumer habits and to consider what kind of materials we use for example. We should do our best to use nature-identical, environment friendly construction materials, which, being high-quality at the same time, make it possible for us to use and enjoy them for a long time.


Considering all this it is probably understandable why we have chosen the three values of Naturalness, Quality and Beauty. We need natural materials so that we do not go on polluting the environment. We need quality materials that can be used and enjoyed for a long time. And finally, we need natural materials that can evoke the long lasting and powerful image of beauty (exclusivity) in us.