Outdoor coverings

The massive and long-standing solutions

Outdoor coverings reflect the tastes of the people living in the house. By using natural coverings the inhabitants can express their committment to nature, their enthusiasm for unusual architectural solutions and their creativity. At the same time with outdoor coverings functionality should take priority. During the winter months the temperature is usually around zero in Hungary, so frost-resistance should be paid attention to.
If we do not use frost-resistant coverings outdoor the quality and usability of the stone will highly deteriorate in a few years, which means serious financial losses. That is why we should always collect information about how frost-resistant the natural stone of our dreams is so that we can choose the most appropriate stones. In this way we will be able to enjoy the sight offered by the special natural outdoor coverings for a long time.

Wall Coverings

The most visible part of a building is the forefront which tells a lot about the owners of the house: their style, frame of mind, eco-consciousness and creativity. The ideal covering for the facade matches not only the building itself but also the surrounding garden. Traditional artificial stones are usually very similar. However, natural stones are different in both colours and patterns. By using them we can design a unique and spectacular facade for our house. Naturally, we have to pay attention to the weather conditions, as freezing damages the wall coverings as well. No matter how much we like a certain stone, if it is not frost-resistant, we should definitely give it up. Our budget will benefit as well.



As they are not directly eye-level, practical common sense takes priority over looks when tiles are chosen. But it does not necessarily have to be this way. If we use decorative tiles outdoor, we will be able to indulge in the spectacle of the intricate patterns on them every day. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that functionality is important. With tiles we have to care about their being slip-resistant, as there is nothing more annoying than turning a sommersault on the tiles in rainy or snowy weather. Apart from this the colour of the stones should also be taken into consideration. Too lighr tiles get easily dirty and they need frequent cleaning. Dark tiles can get hot in the sunshine, and may be uncomfortable for those wanting to walk on them barefoot.


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