Exclusive coverings

The stone is the manifestation of beauty,
beauty in progress

It is absolutely understandable if you are wondering what makes stone coverings exclusive. The simplest answer to this question is that as opposed to ordinary stones they have some extra features that can be either visual or some other unique characteristic (e.g. transparency). Exclusive stones represent the power and beauty of nature, and human interference only emphasises these wonderful characteristics created by nature.
Due to their exclusiveness and uniqueness they are uncopiable, they cannot be made artificially by man, and this is probably why they are so fascinating for us. Beside their lavish beauty, their unique feature is tranparency. If you choose an exclusive stone covering for your home, you can indulge in the experience resulting from the match of materials and light every day.


The onyx is the most outstanding member of the treasury of natural stones. It is exclusive and elegant, it can trim any home. Its beauty shines when it is used as a slab, it is not really used for floor coverings. They are beautiful ornaments by themselves, but their exclusive features can be enhanced by background lighting (neon or led lights). In this case the light keeps dancing on the characteristic patterns of the stone, thus providing the inhabitants of the house with an ethereal experience. As onyx coverings always have their own unique patterns, you will never find two identical ones. This stone offers a wide variety of colours, so you are bound to find the one best matching your home and taste.



Natural stone coverings made from gemstones represent safety, durability and permanency. Beside their undeniable beauty they can be used in many ways, that is why those who adore stones in general, simply love gemstones. Light pouring freely into our home breaks on the stone and gives a feeling of stability and balance to the people living in the building. The possibility of playing with background lighting and colours gives us immense freedom in choosing the ideal stone. Coverings of warm colours evoke the feeling of fire and warmth, while cold colours radiate peace and calm. Let peace and harmony immanent in nature prevade your home and choose coverings made of gemstones in any part inside your house.



Exclusivity, elegance, beauty. Perhaps these are the best words to describe the natural coverings made of stone glass. Stone glass is not only space covering, but also light covering. With its intricate pattern, it looks impressive on its own, especially when supplemented with background lighting due to its light transmittance, the natural stone almost comes alive and is excellently suited for the exclusive design of interior spaces. Then the true depth of the rock emerges, illuminating the entire room. Our attraction to beauty, light and artistically shaped spaces stems from our basic human nature. Let’s smuggle a little sparkle into our home and choose an artistically crafted stone glass!


We are offering both in- and outdoor products, as well as exclusive ones.
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