Indoor coverings

When choosing indoor coverings one of the most important aspests is the area itself. Obviously it is very important whether we would like to place the desired stones in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the living-room. The special needs of these rooms make it necessary for us to choose with utmost care and awareness so that we can enjoy the harmony offered by natural stones for long years to come. It is also essential to choose the right colours.
Playing with colours we can create different atmospheres in differents parts of the flat or we can even open up new spaces. As stone coverings are „made” by nature, their irregular perfection provides us with more exciting interior design alternatives than traditional manmade materials. Due to this, well chosen special coverings will become the highlights of our home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of our flat. It is the centre of family life, where family members get together and chat. The natural stone coverings help to create a cozy environment where everybody feels free to relax. We should also remember that apart from the looks the kitchen sets special requirements for the covering. When we choose the stone for the counter we should pay attention to the fact that it should be resistant to acidic foods and strong cleaning supplies. On the other hand, the surface should be easy to clean, that is why it is a good idea to choose polished or honed coverings tbecause they make cleaning an easy job. Not to mention the fact that choosing the right treatment material offers the possibility of playing with colours.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most intimate area of our life where we can get rid of our inhibitions. It is a drop of tranquility in our rushing world, At the same time it is in this place that we are the most defenseless, so we should do our best to create an environment where we can feel comfortable. People are part of nature, that is why we instinctively feel at home in an environment made of natural materials. It does not matter whether you are for elegant, pure or Mediterranean styles, in our stock you are bound to find the most appropriate stone covering to use in your bathroom.


The Living-room

Contrary to kitchens and bathrooms natural stone coverings in the living-room mostly have a decorative function, there is more emphasis on the looks than their suitability for special requirements. That is why fantasy can soar the highest in this room. We can freely combine stone with differentt wooden, glass or metal eelements, the outcome will inevitably be exclusive and elegant. Many people do not like stone floors because they are afraid of them being colder than wooden floors. However, we can solve this problem by installing floor heating, as these natural stones can hold heat perfectly.


The Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we can really relax, rest and regain energy. There is nothing better to help relaxation than the presence of natural stones which have a natural relaxing effect on people. The forms and colours created by nature without the interference of human beings make the environment really special for us to feel at home. The best way to use natural stones in the bedroom is for wall covering or as slabs. With the help of indoor natural stones and our own imagination we can easily create the bedroom of our dreams in which the stones make every morning a miracle.


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